Date Location Reason
11/7/15 5:30PM HWY F/AB Faulty Hot Line
11/7/15 3:05 AM Flint Hill Rt T Vehicular Pole Collision
10/18/15 7:55AM Janapas Tree
10/16/15 1:20PM-4:20PM Hwy V/Flint Hill Tree

What To Do in an Outage

  • Start off by checking your fuses and/or circuit breakers along with checking your disconnect box located below your meter
  • Check with your neighbors to see if they have electricity. This will help us determine if the trouble is caused by a transformer serving your home or is more general in nature.
  • To report an outage, call 573 -985-8711 or toll free 877-985-8711
  • Give your name and location number (Mr John J. Jones, 12-02-004) to the person taking your call. The use of your location number will assist in faster restoration of your service.