• June 16th, 2017
    Smart Grid Update

    Ralls County Electric Cooperative is in the process of upgrading meters to allow smart grid improvements such as meter reading, outage detection and voltage monitoring. You may notice crews working in your area changing out meters. When your meter is changed, a card will be left at your location to notify you o fhte upgrade. The card will provide information regarding the meter reading from the old meter. All new meter readings will start at 0. Members will still be requried to calculate their electric bill unti the system is fully operational. For questions or hlep calculating your bill, please contact the office at 985-8711 or toll free 877-985-8711.

    As of right now our meter exchange program is going great and we have over 1000 meters changed out on our system so far. We are hoping to have every meter on the entire system exchanged by this fall.